This lab is mostly teaching the chatbot how to respond to utterances. I wanted to test some

of the Amazons Machine Learning features and Lex felt like a good starting point

Services Covered

  • lex Amazon Lex

Lab description

Deploy a sample chatbot using Amazon Lex seems like something that might be useful in the future, so I figured I’ll give it a try in this lab. This lab is mostly about “teaching” the bot how to respond to utterances. It’s a tiresome and frustrating process, but I just wanted to get a feeling of how it works. It’s powered by some Machine Learning.

Lab date



  • AWS account

Lab steps

  1. In the Amazon Lex section click on Create, give your chat a name and choose language.
  2. When the chatbot tab opens click on Create intent.Provide some utterances, expressions for the bot.
  3. Then add some Responses.

    And Save intent.

  4. Create one more Intent. Basically make a probable question from users and responses from Intent. Save that one too.
  5. Build the bot.
  6. Now you can test your bot.

    There’s some place for improvement, but I’ll continue on teaching the bot.

Lab files