Creating a MySQL database on RDS instance, connecting to it and running queries

Services Covered

  • lambda Lambda

Lab description

In this lab I will create a MySQL database RDS instance. I will connect to it using MySQL Workbench program in order to create a table with some data. Then I will create a Lambda function to query that database.

Learning Objectives

  • Create MySQL database RDS instance
  • Connect to RDS database instance using MySQL Workbench

Lab date



  • AWS account
  • MySQL Workbench

Lab steps

  1. Create a Security Group for RDS instance. In EC2 dashboard navigate to Security Groups and create a new one. Add an Inbound rule that allow MYSQL/Aurora traffic from anywhere.

  2. Create an IAM Role for Lambda function. Attach two policies AWSLambdaVPCAccessExecutionRole and AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole.
  3. Create RDS Database Instance. Choose MySQL in Free Tier on t2.micro. Attach the SG created in step 1, make it publicly available and create user credentials. When database reaches Available status, copy it’s endpoint from Connectibity & secuirty tab.
  4. In MySQL Workbench create a new connection specifying the endpoint and user credentials.

    Then connect to the DB.

  5. Create a table and insert some data into it by running those commands:
    Use StudentDB;
    CREATE TABLE students (
    studentName VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
    Course VARCHAR(55),Semester VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,PRIMARY KEY (studentId));
    INSERT INTO students(studentName, Course, Semester) VALUES ('Paul', 'MBA', 'Second');
    INSERT INTO students(studentName, Course, Semester) VALUES ('John', 'IT', 'Third');
    INSERT INTO students(studentName, Course, Semester) VALUES ('Sebastian', 'Medicine', 'fifth');
    SELECT * FROM students;

  6. Create a Lambda function. Use Python 3.8 as runtime and use the role created in step 2. Download the Lambda zip code and upload it to the Lambda configuration. Go to line 5 and replace the endpoint, username and password in the python code with your values and click on the Deploy button. Deploy the function and test it.

Lab files