Deploy a MongoDB Solution With Amazon DocumentDB then run queries from an EC2 instance

Services Covered

  • DocumentDB DocumentDB
  • SystemsManager Systems Manager
  • EC2 EC2

Lab description

In this lab I will create an Amazon DocumentDB cluster with a security group to restrict access. Then I will connect to the cluster from a EC2 instance, using Session Manager and perform some DB operations using the mongo shell.

Learning Objectives

Lab date



  • AWS account
  • EC2 instance

Lab steps

  1. Navigate to RDS and then to Subnet Groups and create one. Select all AZ’s and subnets.

  2. In the VPC section create a Security Group for DocumentDB cluster. Allow inbound TCP traffic on port 27017 from EC2 instance’s IP.
  3. Navigate to DocumentDB dashboard and launch new cluster. Choose one smallest instance: db.t3.medium. In Advanced settings enter the followings: Subnet group: documentdb-subnet-group created in step 1 and for VPC Security groups: documentdb-sg created in step 2. The cluster could take up to 12 minutes to complete the deployment.

  4. Navigate to AWS Systems Manager > Session Manager and click Start session to create a browser-based Linux shell session. Select you instance as the target and start session. Move to the DocumentDB clusters section, and click on the cluster you previously created. Scroll down to the Connect section: Copy the Connect to this cluster with the mongo shell command so you can use it later.

    In the SSM session terminal, to ensure you are in the home directory, enter the following command:

    cd /home/ssm-user

    Enter the following command to download the AWS digital certificate needed to establish the connection:


    Then copy and past the second connect-command with your password.

  5. Enter the following command to create a new document related to a user in the users collection:
    db.users.insert({"name": "John", "surname": "Doe", "cars": ["Ferrari 488", "Ford Mustang Shelby"]})
    db.users.insert({"name": "Michael", "surname": "Doe", "cars": ["Alfa Romeo Giulia"]})
    db.users.insert({"name": "Katie", "surname": "Prost", "cars": ["Maserati MC20", "Honda Civic Type-R"]})
    db.users.insert({"name": "Andy", "surname": "McKane"})

    Execute the following command to query all the documents you inserted:


Lab files