Services Covered

  • CloudFormation¬†CloudFormation

Lab description

  • A business has tasked you with deploying a prototype of a new application. The business has given you the following requirements:
  • Deploy this Todo application in AWS
  • Allow for simple scaling of the compute and database layers
  • Use the following:
    • AWS EC2 to host the application
    • AWS ELB to load balance public traffic
    • AWS DynamoDB for the database
  • Appropriately use public and private subnets
  • Deployments should be easily repeatable
  • Allow for the deployment of multiple environments (development, testing, and production)
  • Allow for deployment into any AWS Region
  • As this is a prototype, multi-availability zone redundancy is not required

Learning Objectives

:star: Create a template
:star: Create a stack

Lab date



AWS account

Lab steps

  1. Create a CLoudFormation template. This is the result: template.json.
  2. In CloudFormation dashboard create a stack by uploading that template. Then create a stack

  3. When the stack creation completes go to Outputs and navigate to the address.

Lab files